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About the Group

The War Studies Group has its roots in the Northern Plains Civil War Round Table, which was created in 2010. Seeking to draw a broader audience, the members of the group decided to expand the coverage to the larger field of military history.

Holding to our roots as a Civil War Round Table, a few of our meetings during the year will deal with topics related to the Civil War. In addition to this period, we will present on a wide variety of topics, drawing upon the areas of interest and knowledge of our members. Current members of the group are skilled in the following areas of military history:

American Military History

Colonial America and the American Revolution

World War I

World War II

Korean War

Cold War


Air power History

Sea power History


Military Geography

Early Modern and Modern Europe

Medieval History

Diplomatic History/International Relations

If you possess an interest or knowledge in these areas, or in another and are interested in presenting at a meeting or leading a discussion, please let us know.

Our meetings consist of one of our members, or a guest presenting a lecture on a given topic, or showing a video or other media, followed by discussion. It is usually followed by members continuing discussion at a local eatery for conversation and a late dinner.


Membership is open to anyone, regardless of age, and is free. We welcome those interested in history, both young and old, but understand that some topics we may cover may be too much for younger folks. During the warmer months, meetings may include outdoor activities. If desired by members, the War Studies Group is willing to consider trips to museums in the area related to military history, which would be by carpool. We will use the News and Updates section to post meeting announcements and recaps, as well as other materials that may be of interest to our members.

Our Meeting Location

We meet the first Tuesday of every month at the East Grand Forks Campbell Library. This site is especially appropriate, as it houses one of the largest military history libraries in the Red River Valley. The library is a wonderful facility and is a great location for holding our meetings, as we have access to both the great holdings in military history housed there, and a bright, professional meeting room.

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