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Russian bombers buzz U.S. territory — again – Washington Times

Interesting article from the Washington Times.

Russian strategic bombers conducted flights near the U.S. defense zone close to northern Alaska and the Aleutian Islands last week, Moscow’s latest incident of nuclear saber-rattling against the United States, according to defense and military officials.

Two Bear H nuclear-capable bombers were detected flying into the military’s Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone near the Aleutians, where a strategic-missile-defense radar is located, and along Alaska’s North Slope by the Arctic and Chukchi seas on April 28 and 29, military officials told the Washington Free Beacon.

Lt. Cmdr. Bill Lewis, a spokesman with the U.S. Northern Command, confirmed a U.S. fighter intercept of the bombers but declined to provide details.

“Two U.S. F-22’s from Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, were launched and visually identified Russian aircraft on the night of April 28, as the Russian air force flew standard out-of-area flights near Alaska,” Lt. Cmdr. Lewis said. The bombers did not enter U.S. airspace, he said.

However, the Alaska air-defense zone is a formal national security area used by the military to monitor both civilian and military aircraft. The dispatch of F-22s is an indication that the Russian bombers posed a potential threat to U.S. territory.

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Full Artile: Russian bombers buzz U.S. territory — again – Washington Times.

A successful first meeting

I wanted to share that our first meeting went fairly well, despite some technological difficulties. We have now planned out the meeting topics for the next several months. We had a good discussion over Pontiac’s Uprising, specifically related to the video that we viewed that night. As we get our name out, it is my hope to continue to grow and expand our group into an exciting educational group that any and all with an interest in history can enjoy and be part of.

Here’s a look at what our next couple of months have in store:

  • April 2:  Our meeting is scheduled for 7PM in the East Asia Room in the Chester Fritz Library on the campus of the University of North Dakota. Our guest speaker will be LTC Shirley Olgeirson, editor of The 164th Infantry News, the newsletter of the 164th Infantry Association. Her talk will be on the 164th Infantry Regiment, the North Dakota National Guard unit known for their service in the Pacific Theater in World War II, particularly at Guadalcanal. Look for another announcement on this soon.
  • May 7:  Our meeting will return to the East Grand Forks Campbell Library at 6PM. We will be having a book discussion on World War II in the European Theater, so select a book, read it, and come to discuss it with the group.
  • June 4:  This meeting will feature retired Air Force historian, Dr William Young, presenting on Cold War History: Strategic Reconnaissance and the Dragon Lady (1949-1960), discussing covert reconnaissance flights over Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union during the early years of the Cold War.

More information on the meetings in May and June will be forthcoming, but mark your calendars and plan to attend.