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Quick poll for April meeting

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Since I am unable to ask this via the Facebook page, I am hoping you all will help out with this poll on what to do for April’s meeting, so please answer the question below.

Here are some specifics to the possible answers:

  1. I have ventured into historical wargaming, specifically Flames of War and am willing to use future meetings to discuss various wargames and have demonstrations of the game. Thus, this option will likely be an introduction to Flames of War and a demo of the game.
  2. The Civil War option is always available, as our group’s history began as a Civil War Roundtable, so if you want something Civil War related, we can go that route.
  3. The Revolutionary War option was to coincide with the 240th anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord in April.
  4. The last option was a presentation I originally planned to give last April, but a late winter blizzard forced the library to close that day (what an April Fool’s prank), so if you are interested in hearing the presentation, I am willing to give it.

Again, please answer the poll below, as your feedback will help me plan April’s meeting out better. Thanks for your feedback and support.

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